Aquatic weeds and algae are not only an aesthetic problem – they can be a problem for irrigation usage and recreational use. Additionally, aquatic weeds and algae add to pond ecology being thrown out of balance. Aquatic plants can trap excessive nutrients and detoxify chemicals. They also add to organic matter buildup on the bottom of lakes and ponds. With that being said, these products are important to keeping an aquatic area healthy.

BTSI can solve aquatic problems at all levels. Whether you simply want to control weeds, or if you want management the ecology of your lakes and ponds to reduce the growth of Aquatic Weeds and Algae – BTSI is source for all solutions.

BTSI | SePro Aquatics

BTSI proudly carries SePro and many other top brands.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Aquatic Brands & Products

    • Advantage Systems Image (Blue Pond Dye)
    • Advantage Systems Mirror Image (Black Dye)
    • HydraSmart Reflection
    • HydraSmart Blue Pond Dye
    • Nufarm Aquaneat
    • Nufarm Clipper
    • Nufarm Diquat SPC 2L
    • SePRo Captain XTR
    • SePRO Clearcast
    • SePRO Clearcast
    • SePRO K-Tea
    • SePRO Komeen Crystal Aquatic Herbicide
    • SePRO Phoslock Phosphorus Locking Technology
    • SePRO SeClear Algaecide
    • SePRO SeClear G Algaecide & Water Quality Enhancer
    • SePRO Sonar AS
    • SePRO SonarOne

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