Golf Course Superintendents

BTSI is made of qualified people who have been in your shoes as Golf Course Superintendents or Assistant Golf Course Superintendents. Like you, we rise early each day and work late. We watch the weather forecasts more than ESPN…and yes sometimes even more than the Golf Channel. We are passionate about the industry and we work to see it – and you – succeed.

Golf Course Industry Leadership For Over 40 Years

Working in the golf course business for over 40 years, BTSI actively participates and often becomes a leader in the advances of the industry. We have been long time advocates for the advances of fertilizer and chemistry. The company participated in the evolution of watering practices, topdressing advancement, and lowering of cutting heights on not only greens, but fairways as well. Being part of these advancements make BTSI the organization to help you. We hope to be there for you along the way as golf course maintenance continues to advance in ways we couldn’t have imagined when we all began.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Brands

BTSI carries 3500+ different products. Here are a few of our featured brands that we provide to golf course superintendents all over the greater Chicago area.