Insects can cause you and your turf, plants, etc. serious damage. Insecticides control these pests to make your life insect-free.

Look to BTSI for your insect control solutions. We can help you find the right product that is targeted properly so as to not cause harm to other beneficial organisms, like honey bees or butterflies.

BTSI | NuFarm

BTSI proudly carries FMC and many other top brands.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Insecticide Brands & Products

    • Drexel Chemical Carbaryl 4L
    • FMC Talstar Select
    • FMC Talstar XTRA Verge Granular
    • FMC Triple Crown Golf
    • Nufarm Aloft GC G
    • Nufarm Aloft GC SC
    • Nufarm Arena .25G
    • Nufarm Arena 50 WDG
    • Nufarm Safari 20 SG Insecticide
    • PBI Gordon Zylam Liquid Systemic Insecticide
    • Quali-Pro Chlorpyrifos Pro 2
    • Quali-Pro Cyonara 9.7
    • Quali-Pro Cyzmic CS
    • Quali-Pro Imidacloprid .5G
    • Quali-Pro Imidacloprid 75 WSP
    • Rotam Lada 75WSP
    • Seymour Wasp & Ant Killer

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