Parks & Recreation Managers

We offer incredible support for parks & recreation managers. As stewards of the green industry, BTSI has worked alongside those who balance the responsibility of creating recreational facilities that are up to serving the needs of the community, while also being the natural havens for the things we cherish like wildlife, birds, bees, and more. We are passionate about the greenspace and work to preserve it now and for years to come.

Natural & Organic Solutions For Parks & Recreation

BTSI is the industry leader in providing natural and organic solutions to the parks business, while simultaneously having a vast choice of solutions when non-chemical solutions don’t get the job done. We have people who have been in the agricultural industry with experience in low pesticide input and numerous soil and water conservation practices. We have lived it and would love to help you succeed for whatever part of nature you have taken the responsibility of caring for.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Brands

BTSI carries 3500+ different products. Here are a few of our featured brands that we provide to parks and recreation all over the greater Chicago area.