Plant Growth Regulators help achieve optimum growth.

These regulating substances which slow such processes as stem elongation, seed germination, and bud opening. These regulators can act as antagonists to the plant hormones such as auxin, gibberellin, and cytokinins.

The decision to use Plant Growth Regulators is serious. They are certainly helpful tools to have in your management arsenal, but reactions to their use can be hard to predict at times. BTSI has a lot of experience in use of all the leading PGR and all the various uses for them to make sure you are making the best decisions for your plants.

BTSI | NuFarm

BTSI proudly carries NuFarm and many other top brands.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Plant Growth Regulator Brands & Products

    • FMC Xonerate
    • Monterey Sucker Stopper RTU
    • Nufarm Anuew
    • Quali-Pro Ethephon 2 SL
    • Quali-Pro T-NEX
    • SePRO Cutless 30 LB
    • SePRO Cutless Granular
    • SePRO Cutless MEC
    • SePRO Legacy
    • SePRO Musketeer
    • Sipcam Tide Paclo

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