Start your turfgrass with the best seed!

It all starts with a seed. Start your turfgrass with the best seed to help you grow the best turfgrass.

At BTSI, we carry Bluegrass, Ryegrass, Fescues, Bentgrasses and assorted ornamental grasses and flowers. We are experienced in not only selling seed, but growing it in to healthy stands of plants. Look to BTSI as your seed source.

BTSI | Jacklin Seed

BTSI proudly carries Simplot and many other top brands.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Seed Brands & Products

    • BTSI 50 KBG / 50 Rye Mix 1LB
    • BTSI Bentgrass Mix
    • BTSI F2500 Ryegrass
    • BTSI Premium 80/20 Mix
    • BTSI Shade Mix
    • BTSI Sun Shade
    • BTSI TealBlue Bluegrass Blend
    • DLF Pickseed Spartan II
    • DLF Pickseed Tyee Creeping Bentrass
    • Jacklin Seed EcoStar Plus Hard Fescue
    • Jacklin Seed Eureka II Hard Fescue
    • Jacklin Seed L-93 XD Bentgrass
    • Jacklin Seed T-1 Bentgrass
    • Jacklin Seed V-8 Hybrid Creeping Bentgrass
    • Jacklin Seed Alpha Bentgrass
    • Jacklin Seed J-5 Chewings Fescue
    • Jacklin Seed Marco Polo Sheep Fescue
    • Lebanon Seaboard Declaration
    • Lebanon Seaboard Independence Bentgrass
    • LoGro Blend
    • Remington Range
    • Seed Research 007 Bentgrass
    • Tee-2-Green Penn A-1 Bentgrass
    • Tee-2-Green Penn A-4 Bentgrass
    • Tee-2-Green Penn G-2 Bentgrass
    • Tee-2-Green Penncross .
    • Tee-2-Green Penneagle II
    • Tee-2-Green Pennlinks II
    • Tee-2-Green Pure Distinction Bentgrass

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