Source for the best soil and sand amendments.

Your soil is like your family. You don’t get to choose it and it might be a lot to handle sometimes, but you learn to love and work with what you have. Soil amendments help you overcome challenges to optimize the soil you have.

To love and work with your soil, you need quality products. With our extensive experience in working with soils of all kinds (agriculture, construction, renovation, etc.), BTSI is your source for the best soil and sand amendments.

BTSI | EP Minerals

BTSI proudly carries EP Minerals and many other top brands.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Soil & Sand Amendment Brands & Products

    • Advantage Systems Rejuvenate
    • Advantage Systems Rejuvenate Plus
    • Axis DE Fine
    • HydraSmart Mineral Miner 21-0-0
    • Lebanon Sand Aid Fine 1-0-1
    • Ocean Organics NuRelease
    • PennMulch Seed Accelerator
    • Sili-Cal SS Fairway
    • Sili-Cal SS Greens Grade
    • Sili-Cal SS Tech Grade
    • Sili-Cal SS Tech Grade
    • Soil Boost SGN 200
    • Soil Boost SGN 90
    • Sulfone w/Enriched Technology

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