Improve performance with specialty chemicals!

Specialty chemicals are often thought of as products that don’t fit well in any other category. While that might be the cases sometimes, they are in fact effective tools that help in enhancing the performance of other products.

At BTSI we don’t just look at these products as just additives. We consider them Performance Chemicals. We have product choices that can stand alone in performance, improve the performance of pesticides, or save money.

BTSI | Milliken

BTSI proudly carries Milliken and many other top brands.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Specialty Performance Chemical Brands & Products

    • Advantage Systems Acidifier Penetrant Drift Control
    • Advantage Systems Compost Accelerator
    • Advantage Systems Spreader / Sticker
    • Advantage Systems Tank Cleaner
    • Brandt Foamy Marking Foam
    • Brandt Mean and Green- Permanent Green Colorant
    • HydraSmart Entré
    • HydraSmart Hydra-Tonik (MSO)
    • Milliken Blazon Blue Spray Pattern Indicator
    • Milliken Blazon Green Sray Pattern Indicator
    • UPM

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