Spreaders make spreading precise and efficient!

Whether you are spreading granular fertilizer, soil amendments, or ice melt, our spreaders provide a precise and efficient application.

BTSI has the best quality spreaders for each type of application – rotary spreaders, drop spreaders, utility vehicle spreaders, etc. We are the best source for quality spreaders in the business.

BTSI | Earthway Spreaders

BTSI proudly carries Earthway Spreaders and many other top brands.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Spreader Brands & Products

    • Earthway C25HD Professional Tow Broadcast Spreader
    • Earthway E2100P Estate Spreader Pneumatic Wheels
    • Earthway E2130 Quad Release Spreader w/Salt Deflector
    • Earthway E2130S High Output Spreader for Sand
    • Earthway E2150 Commercial 50lb Broadcast Spreader
    • Earthway E2170 Commercial 100 lb. Broadcast Spreader
    • Earthway E3400 Ergonomic Hand Held Seeder/Spreader
    • Earthway E77002 Heavy Duty Rain Cover (2170 Series, C24, C25, M21 Series, M40)..
    • Earthway E77009ECM 12 volt Motor Speed Control for all 12 volt spreaders
    • Earthway E77016 Bag Calibrator
    • Earthway E77202 Ev-N-Spred Control Center for C-Series Push Models.
    • Earthway EC22HD Professional . Broadcast – Painted
    • Earthway EC22HDS Professional . Broadcast – Stainless Steel
    • Earthway EC24HD Professional 100 Lb. Broadcast w/Heavy-duty axle support
    • Earthway EC24HDS 100# Professional Series Spreader w/stainless steel frame.
    • Earthway EC24HDS-SU 100# Professional Series Spreader w/stainless steel frame Semi-Assembled
    • Earthway EM40ECM Professional 100lb. 12 volt Stainless Steel Broadcast with ESS ~ Electronic Solenoid Shut-off and Electronic Control Module
    • Earthway EM80ECM Professional 250lb. 12 volt Stainless Steel Broadcast with ECM – Electronic Control Module

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