Wetting Agents help water penetrate into the soil.

They treat the soil which you apply them to or treat the water which you are putting them in (i.e. irrigation system). When organic matter breaks down in the soil it leaves a waxy coating on the soil particles. Wetting agents are like detergents; they overcome that waxy coating and allow water to penetrate into the pore spaces between soil particles.

When it comes to Wetting Agents, we are your answer. There are a lot products to choose from when picking one. Choosing a wetting agent can certainly be confusing or sometimes a waste of money. Let us help you make an informed decision on whether a Wetting Agent is needed and if so which to choose.

BTSI | Optiwet

BTSI proudly carries Optiwet and many other top brands.

BTSI Proudly Carries The Following Wetting Agent (Surfactant) Brands & Products

    • Advantage Systems OptiWet DG
    • Advantage Systems OptiWet Max
    • Advantasge Systems OptiWet Pelletrate
    • HydraSmart Hydra-Blast
    • HydraSmart Hydra-Last
    • HydraSmart Hydra-Pellets
    • HydraSmart Hydra-Push 5-0-0

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